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Smart Label Multi-Purpose Label

Smart Label - high quality label manufactured by Europe No.1 Label maker.

Smart Label offers more than 100 sizes that are compatible with other popular labels for customer's choice. With its premium quality, Smart Label works perfectly with Laser, Inkjet  & Copier.

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Smart Label:

1. more than 100 sizes
Smart Label offers all kind of labels for customer's choice. They  include mailing label, barcode label and so on.

2. pack of 20 sheets or 100 sheets
There are 2 packing sizes, 20 sheets or 100 sheets, available in Smart Label for different volume of use.

3. highly compatible
With more than 100 sizes, Smart Label is compatible with most labels available in the market.

4. ultra high adhesiveness
Smart Label uses a very thin layer of permanent glue to enhance adhesiveness. Labels can stick firmly on object surfaces under various environments. Also, the thin layer of glue ensure that no glue to be squeezed out under the pressure generated by printing.

5. precise cutting
Smart Label is cut accurately by label making machines to ensure all labels are the same and can be torn off from the backing sheet easily.

6. ultra high white, excellent print result
With the high ISO 98 whiteness, Smart Label prints sharp image & text with fine details.

7. safe & environmental friendly
Made of ECF or TCF paper, Smart Label is 100% environmental friendly. Also, Smart Label use non-solvent glue to make label safe for daily use.

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